Learn how to sail a medium size sailboat

If you're curious about sailing, if you wish to sail a boat on your own, or if you just wanna become useful crew on someone elses boat - then a sailing course is what you need to get started. What you learn here can also be applied to larger sailboats.

Feedback from a recent participant:
"Hi there! Just wanted to write and say what a fantastic weekend I had on your sail course. I learnt a huge amount and found it really helpful. I was very glad to have experience sailing in slightly strong winds with the instructor and it made for an exciting weekend!"

During a practical sailcourse with Oslo Sailing School we'll go through the following important subjects:

  • Sailing
  • Anchoring on sway
  • Mooring and useful knots
  • Principles for good seamanship
  • How to use and operate the motor
  • Setting sails in an optimal way: trimming sails
  • Reducing sail-area in gusts and gales - Reefing a sail
  • Manouvering: how to enter a harbour and approach a pier
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes and possible accidents

Practical information

Language spoken:

When there are four English-speaking people who have signed up (individuals or as a group), we can run the course in English.

Pre-skill requirements

None. Participants get a booklet (PDF) in English which ought to be read before the course starts.

Kind of training vessel /boat /yacht

A beginners course in English is usually being held in our modern 25 foot sailboat.

Duration and where to meet up

10 hours / 2 days
Daytime, evening or weekend
Meeting up in Kongen Marina in Frognerkilen.

The courses aim and goal

A thorough introduction on how to sail and handel a medium size cruising sailboat.

Number of participants

4 people + instructor


NOK 4900,-/person
To be paid soon after signing up

Dates for sailing courses 2023

See our signup form for dates

More dates will be published.
Let us know if you need/want other dates.

You can sign up HERE

Other dates: Show interest and we can set up more dates. Custom courses for groups of 3-5 people are possible.

How to sign on (or show interest)

Fill in your details in our "Sign up" form.

What to bring

Shoes or boots with bright soles, warm jumper, wind- and waterproof clothes, sunglasses/-lotion, gloves, perhaps a beanie. You'll can borrow a floating vest / life vest on board.

Other things

Custom, private courses can be arranged, with or without sleeping on board, and in larger boat if needed. For custom courses other prices will apply.
Courses require enough participants, operative boat and suitable weather and wind conditions, as seen by the instructor.
A self-declaration form has to be signed.