Get the Boat Licence (Boatmans Proof)
- in English!

We arrange courses with exam for the Norwegian Boat Licence /Boatmans Proof in a nice location near Aker Brygge in Oslo

Norway has the following rule for boats up to 15 meters:
A certificate is not required for operating a boat if you're born before 1980.
If you're born in 1980 or later, a certificate/license is only required if the boat you're using is longer than 8 metres or has more than 25hp motor.
There is an age limit of 16 years of age to get the licence.

The course is theoretical and we go through the following important topics:

  • Navigation (chart, courses, positions)
  • Seamanship: anchoring, mooring, knots and maneuvering
  • Technical things about boats: motor/engine, equipment etc.
  • Rules and regulations at sea
  • Principles for good seamanship
  • Safety, distress, first ait etc.

The course lasts approx. 15 hours.

The exam lasts one hour (choose between English or Norwegian exam).
You have to have at least 40 correct answers out of 50 excercises to pass the exam. In addition, there are some "particularly important topics", like knowing the chart symbols and sea markers, where you are only allowed to get 2 wrong answers out of 12 questions.This means you really have to pay attention to those topics as we go through them at the course.

For groups of 10 people or more, we can set up custom courses.
Please contact us if you want a special offer on a private course.

More about the licence
The licence comes in a credit-card format, and has English text on it. It's recognized internationally, at least for Norwegian citizens. but different nations may have different requirements.
If you're not a Norwegian and would like to use the licence oerseas, check with the local authorities whether you need an additional licence or not. From our experience is seems like the Norwegian Licence gets people quite far.
Here is an example of a list of accepted certificates for Croatia, just as an example.

Welcome to sign up for a nice, fun and interesting course!

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Duration and location

Saturday and Sunday 09-17 (15 hours total)
Address: Løkkegangen 1, near Aker Brygge
Centrally located in Oslo (see google map)


Course fee: NOK 4100,- / person (+ exam fee)
Includes a little booklet, coffee and tea.

Exam fee: kr. 837,- (first attempt)

Dates 2023

Saturday 19th + Sunday 20th of August (9-17)
Exam right after the course on Sunday

If these dates don't suit you, contact us at
(+47) 46778500 to let us know you're interested.

Courses for groups of 5-50 people on inqury
All courses require a minimum number of participants;

You can sign up HERE

How to sign up

Go to our "Sign up" form found HERE

About the exam / test

The exam lasts one hour and has 50 questions with multiple choice anwers. In general, the minimum requirement is 40 correct answers.

Still: "very important subjects" require 10 correct answers out of 12 questions/exercises.

There is a 2 week quarantene before next attempt if someone don't pass the exam.