Get the Norwegian Boat Licence - in English!

We arrange theoretical courses and exams for the official Norwegian boat licence.

During a theoretical course with Oslo Sailing School we'll go through the following important themes

  • Chart (map) reading
  • Principles for good seamanship
  • Anchoring, mooring, knots and what not
  • Gereral about boats, safety, technical details etc.
  • Rules and regulations at sea

Certification - Boat Drivers License
To your information, Norway has the following rule:
A certificate is not required for operating a boat if you're born before 1980. This applies to pleasure boats up to 15 metres length.
If you're born in 1980 or later, a certificate/license is only required if the boat is longer than 8 metres or has more than 25hp motor.
The mentioned license is valid for boats up to 15 metres and can be obtained by anyone above 16 years of age.
We offer this test in English, in our office in central Oslo.

For groups of 10 people or more, we can set up a custom course.
Please contact us if you want a special offer on a private course.

You may also concider a sailing course
An informal certificate titled "Competent Crew" will be issued to participants of our sailing courses. It can be used in countries where they require at least one competent crewmember, in addition to the skipper.
        The most clever ones, who appear to have a very good understanding of sailing, seamanship, navigation etc. may get our informal "Day Skipper" certificate. This licence, preferrably together with the Norwegian boat-driver-licence, can be used as documentation of competency/skills required to hire sailboats overseas.
Charter operators and different countries will have different policies and practice as to what they require of sailing skills, experience and documentation.

Example: Croatian authorities require and accept the Norwegian boat-drivers-licence for skippers sailing in their waters. Charter operators may, in addition, ask for a "Day Skipper" certificate issued by a serious training institution like Oslo Seilskole or RYA (Royal Yachting Association).

Duration and location

Saturday and Sunday 09-17 (15 hours total)
Address: Løkkegangen 1, near Aker Brygge
Centrally located in Oslo (see google map)


Course fee: NOK 3500,- / person
Includes a little booklet, coffee and tea.

Exam fee: kr. 795,- (first attempt)

Dates 2021

Course 2:  14th and 15th of August, 09 - 17:00
Exam can be taken right after the course, in English.

If these dates does not suit you, call us or
send sms to 46 77 85 00 to let us know you're interested in other dates.

How to sign up

Go to our "Sign up" form found HERE

About the exam / test

The exam lasts one hour and has 50 questions with multiple choice anwers. In general, the minimum requirement is 40 correct answers.

Still: "very important subjects" require 10 correct answers out of 12 questions/exercises.

There is a 2 week quarantene before next attempt if someone don't pass the exam.