Learn how to sail and handle a larger sailboat

If you're interested in skippering larger sailboats (35-50 foot), this course will help you become familiar with what you ought to know before being or becoming a skipper on your own.

During a two days course we'll go through the following issues/practices:

  • Sailing
  • Navigation
  • Practical seamanship
  • Technical tings about boat and engine
  • Manouvering a larger sailboat in harbour
  • Safety issues / precaucions

Certification - Boat Drivers License
To your information, Norway has the following rule:
A certificate is not required for operating a boat if you're born before 1980.
This applies to pleasure boats up to 15 metres of length.
If you're born in 1980 or later, a certificate/license is only required if the boat is longer than 8 metres or has more than 25 hp motor.
The mentioned license is valid for boats up to 15 metres and can be obtained by anyone above 16 years of age. The applicant has to pass a theoretical exam called "Båtførerprøven".

We offer this test in English, in our office in central Oslo. For groups of 10 people or more, we can also set up a theroetical course.
Please contact us if you're interested in obtaining the license.

After a sailing course with us
An in-formal certificate titled "Competent Crew" will be issued to participants of our sailing courses. It can be used in countries where they require at least one competent crewmember, in addition to the skipper.
        The most clever ones, who appear to have a good understanding of sailing, seamanship, navigation, maneuvering etc. may be offered our in-formal "Day Skipper" certificate. This certificate/diploma, together with the Norwegian boat-driver-licence, can be used as documentation of competency/skills required to hire sailboats overseas.
Charter operators and different countries will have different policies and practice as to what they require of sailing skills, experience and documentation.

Example: Croatian authorities require and accepts the Norwegian boat-drivers-licence for skippers sailing in their waters. Charter operators may, in addition, ask for a "Day Skipper" certificate issued by a serious training institution like Oslo Seilskole or RYA (Royal Yachting Association).

Practical information

Language spoken:

When there are five English-speaking people who have signed up (individuals or as a group), we can run the course in English.

Pre-skill requirements

Some sailing experience, either from a beginners course with us or from other sailing.

Kind of training vessel /boat /yacht

We use modern sailboats from 35 to 46 feet for these courses.

Duration and where to meet up

The course runs from Friday 10am to Saturday 8pm. We all sleep on board. Meeting point on Friday is Kongen Marina, near the Colorline ferry.

Numper of participants

Up to 5 people + instructor
(private courses for 6 people are also possible)


The price is NOK 4500,- per person
Includes our booklet and a Skippers Handbook

Dates 2018

Alt. 1: October
Friday 5th(4pm) to Saturday 6th (8pm)

Alt. 2: October
Saturday 13th (10am) to Sunday 14th (4pm)

How to sign on

Fill in the form which is found here

What to bring

Sleeping bag, shoes with BRIGHT soles, warm jumper, wind- and waterproof clothes, sunglasses, sun lotion, gloves, hat and a skarf. Bread, snacks etc, (we eat out on friday evening)


Private week-end courses can be arranged, with or without sleeping on board.
(In that case, other prices may apply)